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Design leadership training delivered

Fully online, bite sized video modules.

Learning at your own pace, in any order.

No monthly fees, just lifetime access.


Who is this course for?

Design leaders studio was created for designers who are considering or have recently transitioned from a practising designer into a manager role.

Many of the reference points are from the product design practice, however the majority of the content is transferable to other design disciplines.

The bulk of the content relates to product-side (in-house) design management, however an increasing amount of agency-side designers and consultants have completed the course.

“A fantastic course for new design leads and a helpful repository full of tips and tricks for the more established lead. ”

Dickon Gray

Head of Product Design, ESS

"For any designer curious about what's next; this course lifts the fog on design leadership and helps you discover the design leader you could be."

Michael Stanley

Principal Designer, Zoopla


Who isn't this course for?

This is very much aimed at those in the early stages of their design management path rather than folks in VP or executive level roles.

There are no “craft” skills covered in this course – it won’t cover the latest methods for design or design software – but it will give you the tools to become a better manager.


Who is this made by?

The course content was created by Martyn Reding and includes processes, tips and tools he developed while building and running design teams at Virgin Atlantic, Zoopla, and MORETH>N.

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