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What you’ll learn

Leadership by designers, for designers

Section 1

Welcome to design leadership

This section covers what to expect from a design leadership role and the different types of leadership roles available.​

  • The design leader's role

Types of design leadership

Leadership styles

Balancing player-coach roles

Section 2

You & your team

Here we focus on your interactions with your team members and guide you through the basics of managing designers.

  • Meeting your team

  • Identifying your team's development phase

  • Potential mapping & succession planning

  • Performance management

  • Giving good feedback

  • Repairing your team

  • Identifying your "first team"

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Section 3

Growing your design team

A team is only ever as good as the folks in it, so in this module we cover the tricky process of adding new designers to your team.

  • Designing your team

  • Attracting design talent

  • Recruiting designers

  • Diversity x design

  • Onboarding your new team members

  • Defining roles / levels

Section 4

Leading the design discipline

In this section we turn our focus towards your role within your organisation and techniques for you to positively represent your team and its value.

  • Your first 90 days

  • Creating advocates

  • Creating a design culture

  • Creating a shared vision

  • Building your team's reputation

  • Owning issues

  • Finding your leadership voice

Section 5

Routines for success

In the final section we delve into the ongoing rhythm of running your design team. You'll learn methods to help you get the most from your time and keep the team moving forwards.

  • Basic budgeting for design teams

  • Tracking team progress

  • Running design reviews

  • Good 1-2-1s

  • Designing your routines

  • Your design leaders action plan

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Skill development templates
Design leaders action plan

"Design leaders studio has a great range of content covering all of the issues I've faced as a Head of design and more.
The exercises have given me a lot to think about. I've taken a lot more from this course than I have from a lot of books and conferences.

Pete Winchester

Head of Design, Wiley

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